Pagan Blog Project 2013 - Q is for Queen of the Witches – Part II

Last year for the Pagan Blog Project letter Q, I did a blog post on Q is for Queen of the Witches.  I went back to re-read the post to see where I was then and how I may have changed my perspective today. 

I noticed this this week is the week of August 13; a day in which many followers/devotees of the goddess call the Day of Hecate.  This day is often used to make offerings to the Goddess in the form of a Supper prepared for her.  It is then left at temples or crossroads.

I have issue with the use of a particular day being attributed to the goddess Hecate, as she predates our current calendar is very difficult to say which day would be a particular holy day.  Hecate has been called a Greek Goddess, a Titan as well as being the daughter of the goddess Asteria. 

Even following the phases of the moon to worship can be questionable because we are not in the exact same position to see the exact same skies of those in antiquity.  Still to me, I believe that when you feel that need to conduct rites and rituals, those are the times to conduct them.  Don’t wait for a particular day or month.  Some say that full moons are better for this and new moons for that.  Yes, these can indeed be better, better in the sense that your mind is more focused on cleansing when you see a new moon, or ready to channel the moon’s energy when it is full.  But when your mind is ready is the best time to feed it.

A few years ago I had someone message me frantically because they didn't have a blue candle to finish a ritual.  They needed a corresponding candle color immediately.  I gently explained to them, the color of the candle, is there only to remind you of what you’re doing.  It is there to remind you to focus your healing energy by showing you the color blue.  The candle could be any other color you have, as long as you focus on healing, it will always be blue. 

At first I was met with annoyance and was told I couldn't possibly be a “real witch”, but as we continued our dialog I explained that the candle had no power.  The power came from within.  She was the tool, the fire and the force of the magic.  The candle was merely a tool in her box.  Finally she understood and the rites were completed.

So, looking at the 13th of August as “THE DAY” for Hecate, leads me down the same road.  I believe this day was created as a reminder for us to give back to the world, give back to our community and give back to our deity what we have collected.  It’s not so much the day we need to observe but all those aspects of the Queen of the Witches that we want to admire.
Hecate is followed by all types of people, from nontraditional solitaries such as myself, to full on covens who see her as the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess.  No matter how we celebrate her mysteries we all embrace her.

I think since this time last year my perspective remains the same.  Celebrate the deity not the ritual.

Hecate Mistress of the three ways
Offerings at the crossroads, you find
Hecate, Light bearing Queen
Come forth and enlighten my mind.
Hecate, Queen of the Witches
Give power to my magic this night.
Hecate, Keeper of the Keys
Unlock your power and bless this rite.

Namaste & Blessed Be


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