Sweet Dreams

So this has been a pretty incredible week.  Lots going on in my life.  Learning about stolen work and wrapping my head around the fact that people don’t always tell the truth has been daunting.  Yeah I know I’m naive right? 

So this morning when I woke up I remembered my dream.  I thought I’d share here so you can have a look at what goes on in my mind.  Buckle up. ;)

NOTE:  The following is a dream I had.  It is not intended to be taken literally or have any basis in fact.

My dream started out with hubby and I were at a party.  Tim Gunn, from Project Runway,  came in and told me that he had to introduce me to the new lead singer of Journey.  The guy really wanted to meet me.  I took Tim’s hand and we headed over to a big table with tons of people around it.  The new lead singer stood up and held out his hand to shake mine.  It was actually Dave Navarro, musician and a judge on Ink Master.
Dave wanted me to make him something, I cannot recall if it was jewelry or a costume out of these little tiny circles.  They were like the hole-punch you use for making charms.  So I’m trying to put these little circles together in this room that changed from the bar/party room to a hotel room.  Dave is coming out of the shower yelling for his costume/jewelry which I haven’t finished yet.  I start to panic and all of a sudden I’m now in my grandmother’s house in front of the stove cooking hamburgers.

The stove is loaded with hamburgers.  There is so much meat on the grill I start to freak out because it’s falling off the edges.  (This is really strange because I’m a vegetarian)  I see my extended family sitting around the table wanting me to finish the burgers.  Then I hear my grandmother calling me from the living room.  I come into the living room and she’s laying on the couch asking me to get her some ice cream.  I said, Grandma why are you here?  She said because I want some ice cream.  I said, but you’re dead.  She said, get me some ice cream, I want vanilla.  I run to the kitchen to get ice cream.  I look in the freezer and there are tons and tons of little tiny yogurts.  I thought, why did my sister put the freaking yogurt in the freezer, this isn't where it goes. 

I dig and dig and only see flavors like Strawberry, Boston Cream Pie and so on.  No Vanilla.  I go back and I say Grandma there’s no vanilla.  She said, it’s in there.  Go find it.   I go back and my family is at the table asking for the burgers, which are now burning on the stove.  I start unloading the burgers and one of my uncles says, did you get Mama her ice cream.  I start to cry and yell, there’s no ice cream!  There’s only yogurt! Why don’t you guys understand??  He says again, you need to get her the ice cream.  I said, she shouldn't be here.  She’s dead.  Don’t you get it, she’s dead and I start to cry. "She's DEAD" I screamed, "And there's NO ICE CREAM!"
I turn to the stove and wake up.

That is just a little glimpse of what goes on in my brain.  I really like both Tim Gunn & Dave Navarro.  Project Runway and Ink Master are two of my favorite shows.

I’ll need to sit down and review that it all means.  I’m not really sure on the whole thing.  I welcome your input.

Happy Sunday
Namaste & Blessed Be


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