Blessed Samhain/Beltane

Over the years I've learned that everyone will not agree.  This year is no exception.  Two of my favorite times of the year are Beltane and Samhain.  I love the fiery nature of the day and I love what they both represent.  One with its sexual passion and the other it’s ending the cycle of life by honoring those passed.
This is a fantastic time to clean out negativity in your life.  Open the door to new beginnings and try to let go of those things that are dragging you down.  It is time to start anew.

This year I’m working on releasing a few things and welcoming a few things.

I release the expectation that others understand me.
I release the desire to explain myself to others.
I release the need to please others.
I welcome new friends.
I welcome new opportunities.
I welcome new understanding.

As we look around the world today it is full of people who would rather toss us up on the proverbial stake as opposed to getting to know us, even in the smallest way.  We don’t need to spend our days destroying each other.  I’m saying that we ignore bad behavior or give a pass to those who are attacking others.  What I am saying it before you jump, stop and breathe.  Look at the evidence.  If you’re wrong, say you’re wrong and don’t follow that apology with the word “but”.

I wish each one of you a very blessed day, I’ll be honoring those in my life that have moved on and ask that Hecate with her fiery torches light the way for their journey. 

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
Ancestor Altar 2013

I wish all health, prosperity and wisdom.



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