Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are.

National Coming Out Day is a day that celebrates all those who are coming out of the closet as LGBT people.  Founded in 1988 it was started on October 11th to celebrate the 1987 LGBT National March on Washington.

As many movements due, it started out slowly but then steadily grew to incorporate all 50th states as well as seven countries in 1990.

We celebrate this day as a way to tell others of our status to show them that we are not different from them.  We get up, we take care of our kids.  We go to work.  Just like they do. 

Recently I saw a quote that said:
 “Gay Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn't a Straight Pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one.” ~Anonymous

As a lesbian, I look forward to the day when we no longer need a pride movement.  A day when we can all just look at each other and accept who we are without making judgments based on gender, race or religion.

HRC wants to know your story.  Check out the video below and if you'd like, share your coming out story with them here.

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Come out come out where ever you are!


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