Pagan Blog Project 2013 - U is for Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous is defined as being everywhere at once.

When I read the definition of this word, I double checked to be sure there was not a picture of me in there.  Over my life I have found that generally I multitask.  I am everywhere at a one time.  When I’m cooking, I’m also reading and looking and thinking and listing.  The brain just goes and goes and goes. 

My pagan life is the same.  Currently I’m assisting on a calendar project.  This project helped me sit down and finally write about solar vs. lunar calendars and how they came to be.  I’m participating in Pagan Blog Project, obviously as well as serving as a moderator for two groups on Facebook.  I’m currently attempting to read several books for COH work as well as a book for work learning SQL. And participating in the Samhain’s Sirens October Blog Project.

My brain is indeed ubiquitous.

I’m also struggling with the holidays coming up.  This time of the year is often hard for me and my mania has a tendency to rear its ugly head.

I’ve started opening my days by lighting a candle on my entryway altar and burning a bit of sage.  I’m going to spend a little longer time there each morning to try to create a spot where I can park that ubiquitous mind and let it rest.  Maybe only for a few seconds right now, but my goal is to hopefully get to a point when I might be able to attempt some meditation.

Learning to live with my mind is a challenge.  It is always needing a project, or a plan.  I always need to have something going on.  I never EVER relax.  I never EVER stop.  I am always on, I am all over. And for now, I am ubiquitous.



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