Magic in the Ancient World - Tough Read

So I'm starting my winter reading.  My shelf consists of the following:

Having read both Liminal Rites and Her Sacred Fires last year, I started with Magic in the Ancient World.  I have to say, thus far it’s been a pretty challenging read.  I had hoped to take each chapter, read it and write about it here.  I thought it might be an easier way to be sure I thoroughly understood the material.  After finishing chapter one and starting on chapter two of the book, all I can say is WOW.

I put the book down after chapter one and went back to Liminal Rites just to be sure that I hadn’t forgotten too much.  I even popped open my Kindle app and started reading The Temple of Hekate by Tara Sanchez, just to be sure it wasn’t my brain that was having issues. 

It wasn't my brain.  This first chapter of Magic in the Ancient World was so full of information, I actually felt like I was coming in at the middle of the book.  It was challenging just to get the sentences to stay formed as sentences in my head.  At this point I’m debating skipping on to one of the next books or maybe just drudging through to chapter to three to see how it goes.

So by my update next week I hope to be done with Chapter three of Magic in the Ancient World and be able to provide my thoughts on the first three chapters.  Hopefully it will consist of more than just “Ummm, what did he say?”



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