The Study Continues....

So I read further in to the book "Magic in the Ancient World" into the first chapter.  Yeah first chapter.  This crazy cold (or at least I'm blaming it on that) has my brain in a fog.  I was able to understand that the Romans pretty much took the same definition of magi to mean those Persian priests.

And.... that's all I got. The book is SOOOO hard to read.  The words drone on together in what seems to be just a repetitive bunch of nothingness.  I couldn't take it any longer.  I pulled out a sticky note, closed my composition book and set it aside.  I am defeated.  I'll try to go back to it later on but for now dear Fritz, you have defeated me.

I'm so glad I have three other books to take the place of this one.  Today I started on Hekate Soteira by Sarah Iles Johnston.  This book looks at Hecate as the Cosmic Soul in the Chaldean system.  I'm on page 18 thus far and it seems to be a bit smoother of a read.  Up to this point I've looked up what cosmic soul is and what the thought behind the Chaldean Oracles is.  Basically what I'm getting so far is that this group believed that all souls came from one soul.  That one soul was divided up by a mathematical formula.  There was the God, which was absolute power or intelligence and then the realms below.

The intelligence created or provided the seed to the next realm or barrier which was called Hecate.  Hecate took the seed and passed it to the next realm or Demiurge , and because of being the receiver of that seed, Hecate is referred to as the world mother.

I would love to find a book that could break it down in plain English, but thus far, I'm not finding anything related to Cosmic Soul for Dummies or Absolutely Everything about Chaldean Oracles.

Wish me luck,


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