Pagan Blog Project 2013 - Z is for Zodiac

The Zodiac is basically a grouping of twelve sections for the sky that is assigned a specific astrological sign for each section.  When a person is born, within a set month that particular astrological sign is assigned to them in Western astrology.  A quick web search will return many site that break down the way the zodiac is divided up.  These sites will offer an idea of what each sign represents and what can be expected when dealing with people born to these signs.  Sites like Astrolabe offer a free chart.

The Chinese Zodiac assigns a specific animal for each year and then recycles those animals back for each year forward.  I've found that the Chinese Zodiac has been more accurate for me than any of the others I've researched.  To find your Chinese Zodiac follow this link for a calculator.

Here’s a look at me, from my zodiac.

My astrological sign is Pisces. 

Generally a Pisces will do everything they can to help a friend.  They make few friends, but those they do make are usually lifelong.  They do not like to be in a position of leadership.  They prefer to stay to the background but make sure that things are completed.  They benefit most from a strong mate to help them stay grounded.  A Pisces is like both a mirror and a sponge.  They soak up what is around them and reflect that back out.  A Pisces has strong emotion and should really trust their gut.  Soaking up the pain of the world can be the downfall of the Pisces and they have to work to shield themselves from psychic energy as they are an innately empathetic. Being the last house of the Zodiac, the Pisces is all about uncovering the unknown.

There is no limit to the number of videos on YouTube that will tell you all about the Piscean.

I was born in the Chinese’s year of the Rooster. (Nope Kallan, I’m not making that up)

Generally roosters are generally healthy but can become stressed moody when they take on too much.  They are hardworking and highly motivated.  They can be bossy and have a “tell it like it is” approach.  They are motivated by success and are very detail orientated. 

Roosters have a tendency to be quite at times and moody at others.  There’s really no way to predict their moods which change often.  Roosters love color and often dress flamboyantly.  Roosters abhor dishonesty and will not tolerate or be a part of any type of deception.  They find it difficult to keep secrets for surprise parties!

So?  What’s your sign?

Namaste & Blessed Be


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