Love is Never Invalid

This afternoon I saw a post shared by The Advocate magazine that the marriages in Utah have been declared invalid.  I did a quick search online to find it was indeed true.  I found this article on The New Civil Rights Movement where Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced that Utah will not recognize the marriages of 1300 same sex couples.

I remember years back something very similar happened in San Francisco in 2004.  I do not believe the majority can really understand what it feels like to be told that you are not valid.  Your relationship, your partnership, your marriage is void.  I blogged about this in 2011 in a post called 'Lawfully Wed'.

For the life of me I cannot understand why people need to do this.  How.... I just ... I'm completely and utterly blown away by the fact that these couples are treated so terribly.  Gay and Lesbian people AGAIN have had their rights shat upon and it is appalling.

I wonder how people would feel if their state decided that interracial marriage was wrong, and they were going to invalidate all those marriages.  Or how about religions, let's be sure that the religions match or guess what... no marriage!

Our country rants and raves about how free we are.  Citizens run around waving flags and cheering USA USA.... well today the state of Utah decided that not every one in that stated was worthy of protections under the law.

I sit here now, sobbing, my heart breaking for these families.  Just a few days ago I posted that I knew that we would see marriage equality in this nation in my lifetime.  I really, really hope that I was not wrong.

If you are a supporter of equality.  If you believe that ever tax paying citizen is entitled to fair treatment under the law, I urge you to get involved in the marriage equality movement.  Write letters, sign petitions.

Tell the Governor of Utah you stand with LGBT Families -
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Give these families the rights that you already enjoy.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

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