Welcome 2014

Over the last 2 years ever single Friday I've posted a blog post for the Pagan Blog Project.  I've written about everything from the Ankh to Zoomorphic; from Anpsi to Zealot and it’s been incredible.  I was in many cases able to learn new things and in others, share things that I have learned throughout my experiences as a Pagan.  I believe this is a fantastic way to learn about Paganism and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to have a prompt for blog posts and enjoys the challenging of learning new things.  For 2014, I've decided to take the year off from this project. Jess is amazing and I love the project however this year is going to be pretty busy for me. 

I take part in Sunday Stew.  The Sunday Stew is a collection of posts from a group of Pagan identified individuals from assorted paths.  It is hosted by Kallan Kennedy, and is published once a week.  Here’s an example of the posts for October 2013. The Stew shares Pagan Lore, Weekly Tarot and Weekly Totem entries as well as recipes and editorial content from the Stew Chefs.

I plan to spend some time working with my potter’s wheel.  Because I find that I tend to learn better when I have some sort of “grading” process.  Holding myself accountable to actually get out there and work on the wheel, the blog post will give me a place to actually grade myself on what I've learned.  I plan to share the process I used for selecting my wheel, my kiln and clay.  As I progress, I’ll share glazing and firing techniques as well as possibly some wheel footage.   I've decided to call this “Throwing Thursday” and obviously it will be published on Thursday.

I’m also working on a project called “The Thirty Days of Hecate”.  This project offers thirty questions about a deity sort of like an interview.  These will be presented as blog posts biweekly over the next year.  I plan to use this as a learning/training experience to assist me in my path as a Devotee of the Goddess Hecate.  Each post will be open to discussion.  I plan to add links to other’s blogs who are also participating in this project.  They may or may not be directly related to Hecate.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for your regular visits, your comments and emails.  I enjoy writing and appreciate all the valuable feedback you've provided.  I hope that you will find the upcoming year entertaining and educational.  Today I'll be sitting down my black-eyed peas and greens for luck and prosperity.  I wish you all a joyous and prosperous New Year.

Watch out 2014, here we come!!

Namaste & Blessed Be


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