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This was to be my Sunday Stew post for today.  For those that don't know, Kallan's laptop is down for the count and we're waiting not so patiently for its return.  I thought I'd share the post I originally submitted for the Stew today.  So for those that celebrate... Happy 4/20.

April 20th is a day that has a lot of highs and lows.  One of the most recognizable associations is of course 4/20 day.   Urban legend tells us that 4/20 day, 4/20 being a code for Marijuana, started as a police code for marijuana smoking in progress.  As with most urban legends this one is a bit off, however that does not stop millions of marijuana enthusiasts from lighting up and celebrating 4/20. 

April 20th has had many negative things happen.  One of which is in 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people and injured 24 more before taking their own lives in Colorado at Columbine High School.  Some stories say it was in retaliation for bullying and others claim that it was in celebration of Hitler’s Birthday.  This is only one of the many great losses we've experienced on 4/20 leading some to believe that this day is cursed.  Plane crashes, drilling rig explosions and earthquakes fall on this day into 2013.  Our hearts forever touched by these huge losses.

We have a choice in our lives to either focus on the negative or embrace the positive.  We are not ignoring the past, or forgetting those things that were so tragic, but instead looking for the silver lining.  So for this edition of Sparkle & Shine, I’m going to give you a few wonderful things to celebrate on 4/20 that won’t get you arrested.

1902 Marie & Pierre Curie isolate the radioactive element radium chloride
1910 Halley ’s Comet makes it 29th recorded pass
1972 Apollo 16 lands on the moon
1974 Paul McCartney releases the single – Band on the Run
1977 Annie Hall premieres
1981 Final performance of the TV show Soap airs
1993 Uranus passes Neptune, only happens once every 171 years
1997 Space Shuttle Endeavour 6 lands
1996 Chicago Bulls win a record 72 games in a season
2008 Danica Patrick becomes the first female driver to win an Indy car race

We have to keep in mind that April 20th is not only the birthday of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon III (who apparently share a happogroup with me) but also of Jessica Lange, Shemar Moore and George Takei.  

By Diane Krauss (DianeAnna) (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons

Many celebrate today as the Cannabis Culture holiday of 4/20 and the Christian Feast Day.  Which I think make wonderful bedfellows!

By SanctusAbMortis (Own workPhotographed by Dan Schooling.) [CC-BY-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

While we remember and respect those things we've lost, let’s take a moment and celebrate the good things in our lives.  Let’s embrace the world and send out a big dose of positive energy.  We all can use a little good thoughts no matter where we are.

No matter what or how you look at 4/20 day, stop take a deep breath and have a fantastic day!

Namaste & Blessed Be

Source - http://www.historyorb.com/events/april/20


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