Throwback Thursday - Cats not Pots

Today I usually post videos or photos of my pots.  I've been extremely busy of the last few weeks and have not been able to take some time to sit my tushy down at the wheel and throw anything.  

As many of you are aware I work a full time job with a consulting firm as well as run my own business – Sosanna’s Closet as well as working animals.

I have actively starting working with PawnHand rescue in Goldsboro to help trap, fix and return their cats to their colonies.  At this point we've been able to capture 3 of their cats and get them fixed.  Trapping cats can be a challenge.  They’re pretty smart and will catch on very quickly to the metal cages being left in the area.  Working with the volunteers to lower the amount of food being left out helped us a great deal in getting those cats trapped.
Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

We round up the cats and take them to either SpayToday in Greenville NC or if the timing is right we can take them to the SNAP van that comes to Goldsboro.  We end up paying about $50 per cat for vetting.  The vet will snip off the top part of the cat’s ear, so we know if it ends up in the trap next time, he’s already been fixed.

My personal goal is to help PawnHand get all of their cats fixed by the end of the summer.  In order to do this we need to get lots of donations.  I’m going to kick off a fundraiser next week.  I’ll be sending out amazing resin cat’s eye pendants to anyone who donates a minimum of $25.00 to the rescue.

So stay tuned to see these great pendants.  I can’t wait to get them online!

Here's a video of the release of one of the cats - Sebastian.

If you'd like to help with a donation or a monthly sponsorship check the link on the sidebar or head over to my website to donate today! 

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