Standing Up - An Observation

I'm always amazed about what people will fight about.  People get so enraged by things that seem so mundane.  Over the last week I've watched fans (I include myself as a fan) discuss and at times rant at each other about the name of an NFL Football team.  Wednesday June 18th the Patent and Trademarks Office canceled a number of trademarks related to the word "Redskins".  (The official opinion)  I love the Redskins. I have for years.  Even when they're playing as sucky has they have been for the last few years.  As a matter of clarification, I have zero native American blood in me.  Zero.  I know because I did the 23 & Me thing and had my DNA tested.  I'm not a single bit native, so can I be offended by the name?

I remember earlier this year when Paula Dean admitted in a deposition that she had used racial slurs (what we now call the N word because it is considered so bad) in her brother's restaurant.  The case was based on a discrimination alleged by a white employee. (Washington Times)  The judge in that case ruled that the accuser could not claim that she was discriminated against because she was not a member of the minority being discussed.  People took up battles over this and even I had an opinion on the case.  I was appalled by the disrespect shown to the the African American employees.  And back to the DNA test, I do happen to have .2% of DNA from Africa.  As a friend on Facebook so eloquently put it, how much do I need to have in me to be offended?

Today was another day another debate.  This time, guns in a Target store.  I was called everything from a hippie liberal sheeple to (gasp) fat. (The fat thing got me, just want to say, folks I know I'm fat, you're not telling me something I'm not aware of)  Apparently the new method of debate is not to argue the facts but to just call names until the other side gets frustrated and leaves.  I saw people frothing so much so that some messages came in asking me to just delete the post out of fear that one of people might physically attack me over it.  I can't say that I was surprised by the comments. I had a pretty good idea that I would come under fire (pun intended) for my comment on Target's Facebook Page.  I can say that I was a bit surprised at how quickly they went directly to my page and started snagging pictures, attack me personally and not staying on point for the debate.  It was obvious that at times it was bait and switch arguments.

Screen Capture Comment - Renee Sosanna Olson

So again I was in the middle of a huge controversy that people were arguing over. I look back at all three of these and for the life of me I can't really get what the argument is about.  What I mean is, these are all big deals to some, absolutely.  There are important issues here, I agree with that completely.

There are also American soldiers being shipped off to Iraq even though we have a current Veteran's Administration that cannot get benefits to the soldiers that are here now.  We have children going without food.  We have domestic violence and are now eating "food like products" instead of food and yet no one is outraged about that?   I'm not really sure I understand that.

I'm sure you'll find me embroiled in another heated debate about something that has not whole lot of consequence on life again.  Another day, another Social Media debate.  But I hope that I can take a little lesson from this.  Yes, I'm glad I stood my ground (deer lord, another gun pun) and defended (oh deer) myself against my online attackers (ok ok too much).  I do hope however, that in the future maybe I can pull back just a bit and make one comment then no more.  I'm sure my Hubby would prefer that.  I tried to explain to him that I get passionate about things.

So remember, when debating online, be courteous, stay on point and know when to say when.

Now I'm off to have a beer with the Hubby.


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