Gratitude Challenge - Day 19

I was invited to a Facebook Event called Gratitude Challenge, you can find it here.  For 20 consecutive days beginning August 1st, we're writing down things we're grateful for.  I thought it would be cool to add them as blog posts.  So for the next 20 days I'll be adding an entry a day.  Feel free to reply here and tell me what you're grateful for or head over to the event page and join the challenge.

Day 19

Today I am grateful for where I live.  And by that I mean the United States.  With all the faults that we have, the inequalities and the poor, I am still lucky to be in place where I cannot be jailed (or worse) for my political or religious beliefs.  There are so many places in this world where people are burned or stoned just fore believing what they do.  Its very sad.  So today I'm grateful for living in the USA.

Supplemental -
There are many inequalities in our country.  We have racism, classicism and down right hate.  We also have the power to overcome that by joining together as a people.  One people, one group and demanding justice with peaceful protest.  We have the right to assemble and the right to voice our concerns over injustices.  WE, the people need to stop allowing a select few to run this country.  WE, the people need to take control of our neighborhoods and not allow those that would come in for the soul purpose of stealing, getting arrested or causing a scene to take the focus off the message that we are trying to send.  Take a moment and look at the real injustices in our country and focus on those.  This is a time for peaceful assembly, for fair and reasonable protect and for a community to come together to work on a problem that has been there for many years.
(steps off soapbox)

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