Gratitude Challenge - Day 4

I was invited to a Facebook Event called Gratitude Challenge, you can find it here.  For 20 consecutive days beginning August 1st, we're writing down things we're grateful for.  I thought it would be cool to add them as blog posts.  So for the next 20 days I'll be adding an entry a day.  Feel free to reply here and tell me what you're grateful for or head over to the event page and join the challenge.

Day 4

I am grateful for my online friends.   I have gaming friends.  I play Words With Friends & Stormfall on Facebook.  I also play Everquest II.

Some of my friends are old school friends from when I was a child and others are friends from when I worked with a computer BBS back in the 80's.  Other friends are newly acquired and I love them dearly.

I have friends that collaborate with me on blog projects like, The Sunday Stew and the Samhain Sirens project.

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