Pagan Infighting - Ranting

This weekend was Pagan Pride weekend in Raleigh NC.  I love going there and meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.  I spent most of the weekend in joyous celebration.  For the most part.

I love my community. We have a wonderful time at bonfires, summer festivals and bringing in the seasons.  This weekend, and past week however, have been a little eye opening.

Let's start with Facebook.   I recently joined a group called Witches and Warlocks.  Great group, lots of fantastic discussion and a bit of snark from time to time.  Just my cup of tea.  When suddenly a message comes into the group slamming a local group of Pagans from Washington.  The guy making the comments, doesn't attend events any more with this group, then that group, then another group because THEY all have the problem.  Honestly if every group you enter into ends up in you leaving because they think you're an ass.  I'm going to think you might need to pick up a mirror and figure out exactly what you have to bring to the table.  What do you have to offer the world, the community and humanity.  No one is interested in placating to your ego.  Either become a real working Witch or get off the broom.  Being a Witch is hard.  It calls for helping others, getting your hands dirty and working with the people.  Not sitting up on your high horse and passing judgement on those around you.  Running down those around you, to try to life yourself higher will result in failure.

Which leads into my second complaint.  At some point when you're dealing with any community, you have to get over yourself.  People make mistakes.  People can be assholes.  How you react to those assholes is on you.  If you don't like someone, walking around each tent being really obnoxiously loud and saying your name loudly isn't making you look cool.  Taking pictures of each both around me, and talking to each vendor around me and skipping over me while raising your voice so loudly doesn't make ME feel bad.  Honey, I don't need your approval or your permission to be exactly who I am.  I don't need minions to follow me.  I don't need a coven or to be a high priest.  I'll sit right over here taking care of my animals and creating my sacred place to share with the world.

Threats do not bother me in the least.  So by all means, continue to come beside me and make your snarky comments.  Each time you do that you reinforce my hold and my position.  ;)

You see, there are two kinds of people in the world.  People who are honest, sincere and want to see you succeed.  These people join together with each other like magnets.  They see each other across a distance and work together to create a sense of peace and harmony. They are the ebb and flow of the ocean.  One drawing back at the precise time the next needs to roll in with the tide.  These are the energies that I like to surround myself with.

The second kind of person is the taker.  This is the person who wants what you have.  They cannot make success for themselves so they want to destroy or take what you have around you.  This type of person will never have much of anything real in their lives.  They will always be complaining about what they cannot do, making excuses for what they were supposed to do and blaming others for their failures.  This person is an emotional drain on the first type of person.

Take a moment to evaluate what you bring to the Pagan family table.  What do you want to be known for.  Do you give or take?  Are you a positive or a negative.  We could do so much for our community if we just put aside all this petty bickering and work as Pagans in the past worked.  Help the neighbor next door.  Help those who do not have food.  Send positive energy out to help.  Put aside all this petty name calling, following people around with cameras, and running people down in groups.  I don't give a rat's ass who you think your are, acting like this is childish and wrong.  It is time for us to grow the hell up and take care of our own.

Sending out a collective kick in the pants to all to need it!


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