Throw Back Thursday - Way Back

I am so frustrated by these stupid, "I want to treat your family like dirt or less than just so I can say I am better than someone people"  running around trying to create amendments to stop people from being treated fairly.  People cannot say they are friends with someone while that person is being treated less than a full citizen.  We treat everyone equally here in the US.  We allow consenting adults to have relationships with other consenting adults.  I am so sick of seeing people say "they are forcing their gayness on us" or "that's the liberal agenda".

NO No no ... that is called equality.  Marriage is a union created by the state.  Not by god, little g or big G.  I remember my very first boyfriend told me after we broke up when I was 13 that it didn't matter what I did, I would always be married to him in Gods eyes.  I would always be married to to the first person I had sex with.  Really?  Little did he know I had be molested.  There goes that theory right down the flapping tubes.

There are many faiths on this planet.  There are many people on this planet.  I don't expect that everyone loves everything the same way.

Today so many people get married in drive by chapels or they have million dollar weddings only to be divorced 24 hours later.  I keep reading, stories that say we are protecting marriage; really, what exactly are you protecting it from?  Two consenting adults that want to spend the rest of their lives together?  Who want to be able to share a home and finances and insurance?  They want to be able to see each other in the hospital?  They want to know that when they are seniors they can stay in their home?  If one dies the other is taken care of?    Read those sentences again.  It sounds like what they want is to be married.  Just like you are married.  Nothing special.  No special wording or naming. No special laws.  They just want to be treated EQUALLY!

I have been in the marriage equality fight a very very long time.  I sat in protest on the streets of San Diego and stood in line waiting for marriage in San Francisco City Hall terrified the doors would shut before we were allowed to marry.  I was horrified when our letters came telling us that our marriages were void from inception.

There are those who may feel that being gay is a sin.  There are those that may believe that gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry.  I remind them that at one time, races were not allowed to mix. I remind them at that there are those who believe that you shouldn't marry outside your religion. Now immediately you're saying to me, what about Renee?? What about their rights?  Let me tell you about their rights.  THEY have the right to marry who they choose to marry.  They have the right to take that partner and add them to their insurance and visit them in the hospital.  They have the right to get married in a church or in the city hall.    Does that sound like special rights?   Gay and Lesbians want the same thing.

If you don't want to marry outside your race,  don't.  But don't tell me who I have to marry.
If you don't want to marry outside your religion, don't.  But don't tell me who I have to marry.
If you don't want to marry a gay man or woman, don't. But don't tell me who I have to marry.

Rights are  beautiful thing.  They are there for everyone to enjoy.  Looking back into the history of marriage in antiquity it had nothing to do with love at all.  Marriage was a way to gain property through alliances of kingdoms.  It was used as a way to ensure peace between nations or limit property being taken away from a family encouraging brothers and sisters to marry or cousin to marry such as in French and British Monarchy.  Arranged marriages ensured that only people of the same class or status would be allowed to marry and in bible stories a rape victim had to marry her rapist.

Marriage has evolved since it was created.  It was not created by god ... any god.  Marriage is a civil contract created by the state so that two consenting adults can share the fruits of their labor together. Benefiting from tax status, visitation rights and protections.    Marriage equality does not seek to change that definition.  It only looks to grant that same protection to all couples.

Loving vs. Virginia

Loving in Virginia  

Come on folks, isn't it time that we stop treating consenting adults like criminals?  Isn't it time that we grant full equality to all?  Contact your state representative and tell them to stop defending this unconstitutional amendment.  Contact your state senator and tell them Love is Love is Love.  Contact Govenor Pat McCory and tell him that you want all North Carolinians treated equally.  

Let's take this throwback Thursday and throw this horrible law out of our state!

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