My Life with Bills

Over the weekend I spent some time in the woods.  Hubby and I drove up to Whispering Pines and participated in a few days of reconnecting with old friends and nature.  We also met a few new friends and had some self discoveries.

Hubby found a rekindled interest in candles after attending a candle magic/root work class and I did some self contemplation under the stars.  I was evaluating how I get along with others.  There are a few folks online that tend to ruffle my feathers.  I also noted that I have friends across a wide spectrum.  

I have friends that are Pagan, Christian and Atheist.  I have friends that are Republican, Democrat and Green.  I have friends that eat meat and friends who are vegan.  I have fat friends, skinny friends and friends in between.  I seem to be able to get along with just about anyone.  

I was telling my hubby about my new friend Bill.  Bill is a Satanist, meaning he belongs to the Church of Satan.  My new friend Bill is very different from my old friend Bill.  My old friend Bill is a Christian.  These Bills collided recently when I shared a graphic related to the Church of Satan. A tenant in the Church of Satan is that you do not make sexual advances on another person unless they are reciprocated.  It is number five in The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth written by the founder Anton LaVey in 1967.  I compared this with Deuteronomy 22:28-29 that says if a man violates a woman who is a virgin is must marry her.  My public comparison of this led to a lengthy discussion, both public and private that ended in me remaining friends with both Bills.  

But this isn't the end of the story.  Here I am friends with Bill the Satanist and Bill the Christian.  We comment, joke and discuss things back and forth without issue, really.  Insert Bill the Pagan.  I met Bill the Pagan through a local group.  We tried to build a little Pagan group here.  I managed to make it about 5 months before I decided it wasn't for me.  Bill the Pagan and I even followed the same Goddess.  I never really hit it off with him and in fact today, he doesn't speak to me when we see each other at events.  He makes it pretty clear that we are not friends. 

So I sat there under the stars, by the light of the fire pit looking at my Bills.  I can get along with the Christian and the Satanist but apparently the Pagan is too much for me.  Go figure.  

Wishing you a lot of luck with your Bills.

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