Transgender Day of Remembrance

This week my Throwing Thursday post will be silent.  I've decided to skip that in recognition of The Transgender Day of Remembrance.  

Each year members of the Trans* community are singled out simply based on the fact that they are gender non-conforming.  The are often raped and murdered simply for being who they are.  This year 226 people have been killed.  Today is a national day of remembrance for those who have lost their lives to hate and violence of bigotry.

I light candles to honor the memory of those who have been taken too soon.  May they guide your way to the next realm.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Earlier this week the world lost an phenomenal voice for Trans-activism.  Author, activist, revolutionary communist, lesbian and human, Leslie Feinberg passed away on the 15th of this month from complications associated with Lyme Disease.   Leslie was in the company of  spouse Minnie-Bruce Pratt.  Their work associated with the rights of the disenfranchised all over the world was immense. Leslie gave notice to the world that no voice should be silenced.  With books like Stone Butch Blues and Transgender Warrior, Leslie shared life experiences and strength with the nation that shined a light on the inner workings of someone left on the outskirts of our society.  Leslie's work carried many through hard times in their lives and was an inspiration to me on a personal level.  The voice, the imagery and the action will certainly be missed.

"Feinberg preferred to use the pronouns she/zie and her/hir for herself, but also said: “I care which pronoun is used, but people have been disrespectful to me with the right pronoun and respectful with the wrong one. It matters whether someone is using the pronoun as a bigot, or if they are trying to demonstrate respect.”

Photo Credit - Leslie Feinberg - Image in the Sun

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