Fake News - A Rant

Over the last 24 hours the onslaught of fake news that I have been presented with is just astounding. Gone are the days of the obvious separation between what is real and what is satirical.  Tabloid journalism has crossed over into this grey slush that is now the internet news. I really believe in free press.  I believe that everyone should have equal access to educational materials and have the ability to read and learn as much as the can. I also believe that we should be presented with factual information in news and world events.  Satire is fine.  But it must be clearly marked as satire.  It must be labeled fake news or something in order to stop the rampant ignorance that is our society today.

We used to have news casters that we turned on every night.  Being an anchor was a respected position and held an assumption of dignity and honesty.  Below we see compassion and obvious distress in an emotional situation in delivering the news.

What we have now is not journalism.What we offer now is news that is slanted in one direction or another.  We have FOX News that reports with a conservative slant and MSNBC that leans left.  We have sites that try to expose this bias that are labeled as trouble makers.  Below is a clip from Young Turks.

We have so many flat out lying news sites that we have pages dedicated to listing them!  The news is no longer about informing the people.  It is now about selling ad space and pandering a biased message to those who site and stare blankly at the screen.  I really don't want to see the government get involved in the internet.  I think the internet should be a free source of information.  I also, however don't think that we should allow snake oil salesmen to run a muck on the world wide web.

I don't have a solution.  This is just me venting about how we are allowing stupid news sources, fake news and slanted media to turn our culture into the dumbest ever.  It just makes me want to scream!!!

Now I'm going to just watch a happy video.

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