This morning I woke to the images of my friend Julie Baker who posted a note posted on her door about her yard decorations. A neighbor said she was relentlessly gay triggering the viral twitter hashtag #relentlesslygay.

First let me say that, I totally support Julie.  I think that the note was posted is complete bullshit and shouldn't be allowed. That being said, I want to address the GoFundMe Culture.  Tonight as I post this.

Julie stands at over 9k in her efforts to raise money to color her house in rainbows.

Screenshot - gofundme.com

Just after I saw Julie's gofundme, I saw this one.  Ironically enough shared by another Julie on my friends list.

Looking at the two campaigns I can totally see that both are very worthy.  I would like to say however that a funeral vs a rainbow painted roof might be a bit more pertinent.  But who am I to say. Everyone is entitled to donate at they see fit. As a lesbian, people may think that I would be more in the camp of painting a roof.

Faith's Gofundme stands here:

55.00 after 3 days.

While I agree with confronting bigotry and weeding out hatred.  I don't think that a rainbow roof is the way to do it.  I really hope that at some point the 9K at this point will go for a few pieces of lawn decore and then a serious donation to the LGBT Youth group or maybe even something to benefit LGBT marriage groups.

I get being out loud.  I get telling bigots to F off.  But please...  please use this as a catalyst to real change.

*Note:  I am not saying that a hetro funeral equates to gay yards.  I'm just saying, let's make sure we're doing things that make a real difference.

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