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I've been participating in a book club reading the book Witchcraft Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles.  Thus far there has been a great deal of introspection.  Understanding my own motives and my own responsibility for what I bring into the world.

I thought it might be interesting to do a few blog posts around the seven faces of mulengro and see how they play out not only in the magical world but also the mundane.    I'm starting in no particular order.

Mulengro is the name of an entity that is like an alien barb; one that has become an out-of-control arrow that pierces generation upon generation with its poison. It feeds on its own likeness and people are its hosts.  - Ly de Angeles - Witchcraft Theory and Practice pg 29

synonyms: jealousy, covetousness; resentment, bitterness, discontent; the green-eyed monster

So what does it really mean?  Envy can be a motivator.  You can use this power to have something that someone else has (Keeping up with the Jones') as a way to get yourself out of bed everyday and work to obtain that goal.  It can also be a monster, being so caught up in the moment that you purposefully seek out to destroy someone is just that monster.

We are each responsible for our own actions.  It is upon us to act responsibly.  People will see your intentions or motives from the actions that you present.  The only one who will actually know however, is you.  You are the owner of those actions.  

When I get up in the morning, I do my morning ritual.  I make coffee, I feed the cat and I light my candle.  I burn the sage to cleanse my space and then go out and feed my colony outside.  I feel the air on my skin and sometimes am able to snap a picture of the perfect sunrise.  I create my ads for the day on my business account and then start work at the mundane job.  Sometimes I have meetings, sometimes I test.  I do this job to keep my hobbies up and pay the bills.  I throw clay and make jewelry.  I spend my weekends trapping cats.  I have a fantastic hubby and wonderful family.  I appreciate each and every one of them.  I can honestly say that the only thing I am envious of, I think is a whirlpool bathtub.  I'd really like one of those.  Other than that, my life is complete.  I have everything I need.  

Being able to be happy where you are, in my opinion is the key to keeping envy at bay.  I am content that I am not participating in mulengro with respect to envy.   Now I just need to learn how to address the actions of others, when they are perpetuating it on me.

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