Book Review - Awakening Leadership - Christine Horner

I was recently sent a new book to review.

Title - Awakening Leadership - Embracing Mindfulness Your Life's Purpose and the Leader You Were Born To Be.

Author - Christine Horner
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As a spiritual counselor I can say that most people stand in the way of their own success.  They are hyper critical of what they are doing and self sabotage their own endeavors.  This book looks at leadership from a different point of view.  While we all know that if you say you can't you're right, this goes a step farther and says, where are you right now?  What are you doing right now?  Are you happy with it?  If not, change it.  Each morning I post a message for myself.  I use my Facebook Page as my mirror and and speak aloud my positive affirmation of the day.  As the author describes in Chapter 8 - The Power in Now:

"Every moment you spend lost in fantasy, not taking action, you abdicate your power. Fantasy is then used by ego to discount your present significance and to deny your unique gifts that are waiting to be recognized and put into expression now."

This book doesn't offer any mindfulness exercises like one would expect but instead challenges the reader to make an effort to seek those materials on their own.  Resources in the book include links to the authors websites and other online sites, including a link to study by The National Institute of Health on mindfulness.  I found that extremely helpful.

Negatives about the book were just the physical book.  The copy I had was smaller than a standard book so it was a bit cumbersome to read.  The text was not printed well and it was a bit clunky.  The cover was not high quality. As a person who still enjoys picking up a book instead of an e-reader, I would like to see a little more care being given to the printed book.

Overall, an good read.

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