Nostradamus - A Review & Discussion - US - IRAQ War II

I was sent the book Nostradamus - The Complete Prophecies for the Future by Mario Reading to review. I thought why not make a project out of it. So what I plan to do is take a quatrain from the book hopefully in order (be patient with me, I have a lot going on) and share them here. We can talk about them, discuss them or you can just give me your opinion of the prediction.

 You can find out more about the author here and pick up the book on Amazon here.

Subject - US/IRAQ War II

The contrivance of flying fire
will come to trouble the besieged leader
Inside, there will be so much sedition
The the corrupt ones will despair.

The author takes on a journey that the flying fire is Saddam being attacked from the sky and his own people will rally against him.  As with most tyrannical leaders.  I find the prediction easy to apply to any leader.  I have copied and shared another translation below, the two look more alike than the previous set.

I may skip ahead and see what if anything we can make of the next sections before continuing with this blog review.  I really would love for this author to have provided some background or some details which support his conclusion that the besieged leader = Saddam.  I need more Mario.  I just need more.

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