Nostradamus - A Review & Discussion - Wrap Up

I was sent the book Nostradamus - The Complete Prophecies for the Future by Mario Reading to review. I thought why not make a project out of it. So what I plan to do is take a quatrain from the book hopefully in order (be patient with me, I have a lot going on) and share them here. We can talk about them, discuss them or you can just give me your opinion of the prediction.

 You can find out more about the author here and pick up the book on Amazon here.

So I sat down and read a few more of the entries and in the end my opinion is the same.  There were quotes that were said to reference of the Pope and even the floods of New Orleans.

Quatrain 3/84

The great city will be laid to waste
Not even one inhabitant will remain
Walls women churches and virgins will be violated
People will die by knife, fire, plague and gunshot.

The author says that this is speaking of the flooding of New Orleans.  It could be the destruction of any city at any time, past or present.

In my opinion there really isn't much need to go further in the book.  I don't see any supporting detail, I don't understand where the author is getting his conclusions and he doesn't seem to do anything more than say - here's the verse in French, here's how it interprets and here's what it means.

Certainly if you're reading please post your comments and I'll be happy to discuss.

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