What is a Vardo?

 A vardo is simply put, a gypsy wagon.  These wagons, sometimes called caravans were used as the living space for families.  They were horse drawn and popularized by the Romani people.

Gypsy family and travel wagon
CC Wikicommons

CC Wikicommons

Today our cars and trucks take the place of horses and our wagons are used for recreation instead of everyday living.  That isn't to say that you couldn't do that, mind you.  Just as there is a life on the road in RVing, you can always use the little vardo in the same manner.  So much so that there are people who will build a custom vardo to order.

Many folks are keen on trying to build their own wagon.  You can find tons of stuff on YouTube. This is one below.

Eli and I decided, what the heck, let's give it a try.  We started with a few videos and sites with information on how do it.  Here's a list that we used.


So over the next few months we hope to document the progress of the project.

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