Tropical Green - Davidson's Tea - A Review

Photo Credit - Davidson's Tea Website

Green tea is the most popular "healthy" tea on the market. It is the base for many flavored teas such as passion fruit, raspberry and peach.  It has been linked to healthy blood vessels, improved memory function and good blood sugar numbers in diabetics.  Green tea is very minimally processed so it keeps those vial catechins that aid in helping the body maintain a lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

A Swiss study even showed more activity in the working-memory area of the brain of their participating patients MRI scans.  Green tea is also known for the "weight loss" miracle.  While there is no magic elixir that will melt off the pounds, replacing a sugary soda with 2 cups of green tea will certainly knockout a few hundred calories a day and that added with reasonable diet and exercise routines will certainly help drop those pounds.

My Review

Davidson's Tea is a company that provides bagged and loose leaf tea.  Teas are available in a wide variety of flavors in both organic and fair trade.  I chose five items from the site that were provided to me by Davidson's Teas as a sample for the purpose of a this review.

This tea is just a basic tea.  It is buttery but has a chamomile base and gives is almost a passion fruit type flavor.  This was not one of my favorite teas and I would consider it to be just a basic tea.

It is recommended to discuss all dietary changes with a qualified medical practitioner.  Please do not stop taking medications or make changes to medications based on the opinions of this blog.

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