Thoughts on Scalia's Death

As I sat drinking my tea and working on my Facebook Page I saw a trending story on that said "Justice Scailia Dead"  - my mouth slightly open and paused for a moment as many of these stories turn out to be the famous internet death hoax.

I did a bit of searching and sure enough, Supreme Court Justice Scailia had died.  For a moment I was in shock and then I was happy.  I know it sounds horrible to some.  I thought long and hard if I should even bother to blog about this.  My grandmother's voice in my head telling me that "If I didn't have anything good to say ....."

Yes, there's probably nothing good to say from my point of view on this supreme court justice.  He was one of the strongest opponents on the bench on LGBT rights.  Instead of ranting about the many statements he made in his life attacking us, instead I'll just give a light of sites that you can go to to see why just for a moment, my heart lifted a bit knowing that he would no longer be able to add his hate filled opinions to the opinions our highest court in the land.

These are just a limited few posts related to the dissenting opinion while on the bench and some of the other comments he had made regarding women and the LGBT community.  While I understand that certain things are legal, I also understand that they are wrong.  Apparently Justice Scailia had issues making a distinction between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.

“We’re all killers at heart,” he said. “Of course, I have never taken anybody’s life, but I have often read obituary notices with considerable satisfaction. It just happens that circumstances have favored me.” ~Clarence Darrow 1926~

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

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