What's Wrong with the World?

So I'm sitting here reading my trending news and getting started with my day.  A friend tagged me in a meme that started my mind working.

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I had a good laugh and shared it on my business Facebook page.  I then decided to head over to see how Nichole's Fundraiser was going for her class.  Nichole is a teacher in Baltimore County and has started a GoFundMe Page to raise money for flexible seating for her class. Flexible seating encourages collaboration and creativity and has been seen to improve health & learning in school settings.  You can find more information on it here

To my surprise I found that she still had only one donation.  I have seen it shared several times but really was shocked that no other donors had come forward to help with this very attainable goal. 

We all know there have been some pretty relentlessly stupid Go Fund Me pages created and just a quick google search will show you that people have collected money for personal makeovers, to help pay for the  wedding for the sister of Dillon Roof, the racist shooter of nine people.  Each of these campaigns raised money.  You can see a few of these here.

My mind bounces back to the image that I was tagged in. Perhaps drinking from the skulls of my enemies could help bring things back in line but really, really what is truly wrong with our society is that people toss money at these crazy ideas and do nothing to help support teacher's who are just looking to do what is best for their students.  In this case I'm using Nichole's page as a real world example but you can see this in all sorts of Go Fund Me's out there.  

Our society needs to find tribalism.   We need to find a way to go back to making sure the lady next door has a fan when it is 100 degrees outside.  We need to make sure that the kids at our schools have lunch and a decent learning environment.  We need to make sure that we are taking care of our own. And by our own, I mean earthlings.  Everything that lives on the earth.  

This is a lot to take in and maybe I'm being a bit too philosophical about it all in trying to create some sort of oneness for us all to latch on to.  But still...

I know money is short and times are tough but if each one of us takes a tiny bite, that elephant will be gone in no time.  Maybe you pass on that Starbucks coffee or skip the movie and donate that cash to a cause you believe in.  For me, I took my monthly budget to buy new silver and donated it Nichole's Go Fund Me.  If we all did that we could blow these goals away in no time!

Image Credit - Screenshot GoFundMe.com

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