Review - American Wtiches - A Brookstick Tour Through Four Centuries

Good Morning!!  I wanted to share with you a review of a great book I just finished.

American Witches: A Broomstick Tour Through Four CenturiesAmerican Witches: A Broomstick Tour Through Four Centuries by Susan Fair
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This is a fun book to read. The majority of the books I read are either for work (computer in nature) or for research on Hecate. This book is neither. It was fun to sit down and just read a book for the value of the book. The author gives us a historic yet tongue in cheek look at American Witches from the journey to the new world to the Blair Witch. The information is clear and presented in a humorous manner. This book covers not only the historic Salem witchery but also some references to Native American tribes which I never really took into account when someone mentions American Witches. This book is a great one to have around to spend some quality time with a good book without the need to grab a note pad to jot notes. I certainly need to find more time for these type of books. The center of the book has some historic photographs related to the stories which I found to add a bit more "realism" to the book. This was a really great read and I highly recommend giving it a read.

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So to add a bit of excitement to this I'm going to giveaway 6 hardcover copies of this book.  I've created a Rafflecopter giveaway .  Once all the entries are in I'll make my selections via the random selector tool and notify the winners.  The drawing begins at 12:00 AM September 1st.

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