What's Your Path - Witchy Wednesday

I have spent over 25 years trying to figure out exactly what is my path.  When most people are asked about a religious path most of the time they say they are on the path they are on because they were raised that way.  I was raised as a Christian, Southern Baptist specifically.  When I was in my late 20s I was introduced to Paganism.  To me it fit me better than what I saw going on in the world of Christianity.  Up until this last year, I classified myself as a "Goddess Worshiper".  Over the last few months I have found myself less a "believer" if you will.

To me religion was created by man for two reasons.  First it was to explain things that we did not understand.  So the sun rising in the morning and the moon rising at night was obviously a race between the planets to our ancestors.  As we learned more about the world around us with new discoveries in science religion would have died off but for the power it allowed some to have over others.  This is where the mainstay of religion has roots.  Around the world those in power used things like religion to control the masses. From Kings taking the lands to Popes demanding submission religion has been the key to controlling the world.

Odin - Saga's Cottage
Artist - Loren Morris

To me, religion was intended to help us find those qualities and personify them so that we could be better people.  We could take the strength of Thor or the wisdom of Odin to help us through out days. Creating sagas about these people helped us identify with them in order to reach an ideal.  For example, for many years I followed Hecate, reaching out to her to embody her knowledge of magic and the dead.  Calling on her for justice and protection.  Pulling into myself these attributes that make her who she is so that I could become just as strong as she.  As I continued to read and grow I began to see that what my mind was telling me was exactly what I had known all along.  These gods no more walked the earth than Jesus did.  We can ask for the wisdom of Odin or the wisdom of our grandmother who raised 10 children after her husband died at 49.  We have the ability within ourselves without relying on the fears of the ancestors from our past.

One of the things that we can be sure of us the energy that we have on the planet.  From the animals that are here to the plants and waters.  Everything has energy. To me as a witch, I need to have a connection with those thing and not to some over arching being that controls everything. Just look around us. No one is in control.  We are what we are.  And we can look to use our energy to change the physical world around us.  How does that look?  How does it work?  That will be my goal over this next year.  I want to focus on improving my magic and taking control of my destiny.

There are many witches I identify with, enough though we may not share a direct path.  Some witches follow deities while others done.  Some follow the rule of three and some don't.  I will try to share videos from all different paths to show a diversity in the craft.

I'll start with this intro video from Laurie Cabot.

One of the things that directed my path was the Cosmic Skeptic on YouTube.  Here's one of his videos.  I recommend checking him out.

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