Witchy Wednesday - Books

For this Witchy Wednesday I think it is a great time to talk about books.  As part of my studies for the Covenant of Hekate, there was a significant amount of reading involved.  I poured over books for nearly a year working through each section in order to feel more connected to Hecate.  As my path has deviated from working with a deity I find myself back in the library and again reaching out to books to add more knowledge on magic.

I'm currently reading Magic in the Ancient World again.  It is a tough read.  My first attempt to read it years ago resulted it in going back on the book shelf.  It sat there patiently waiting for my return. I finished my Hecate books, and it waited.  I finished Witchcraft, Theory and Practice and it waited. So now, I'll start it anew. I will do my best to make some notes and share my thoughts of the book with you over the next few months.

I've also added three new books to my wish list. Jason Manky recently posted an article listing these three books as a must have for the magical community.

They are:
The Discoverie of Witchcraft
The Key of Solomon The King
Aradia Gospel of the Witches

Screenshot - Amazon
I plan to get started on these new selections after I finish Magic and the Ancient World. If, I finish it. It is just so hard to read.  Hopefully I will have more patience this time.  What books are you reading? What is working on your path.  Love to hear from you.  Just drop a note in the comments.  What's your favorite Witchcraft book.  How did impact your life?  

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