My Life... transitioned.

People have no idea what I live through each day.  They don't know what at any point my life could take a turn.  A traffic accident, could take my life down a spiral that I could not escape.  You see my husband is Trans.  That means that our life insurance policy could be challenged.  Our marriage could be challenged.  Our world, because we live outside your norm could be upturned.  Because we choose to life differently than you. Why?  Why is that?  Because your religious text believes that people cannot be trans?

I'm so sick of hearing what you think is ok.  I'm so sick of having to marry my partner 3 and 4 times ot make sure it fits in your book of being ok.  I'm over it.  Stop it.  We worry about sickness and death. We worry about if our insurance will cover us.  WE worry about so many things.  Our partners, they are our partners. Step back and think about what would happen if someone demanded you legitimatize your wife?  Can you?  Would you?


I love who I love. I do not seek  your approval.

Love is love is love.

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