Witchy Wednesday - Protection from Harm

We have heard the old saying, "A Witch that cannot hex cannot heal."  I am a firm believer in that. Healing to me is a form of proactive protection.  We need to be able to set up wards and mirror negative energies back out to those attacking us.  This week I'm going to reference The Big Book of Practical Spells - Everyday Magic that Works by Judika Illes. I highly recommend picking up her book and supporting all of our witchy authors!

Judika has a section of this book dedicated to protection spells. From creating a magical garden of protection with dill, clover, gardenia, juniper and rose to bodyguard dream pillows you can find a good spell in this book to cover just about any situation.

The Scandinavian House Protection Amulet is one of my favorites.  Judika instructs the reader to form a cross with birch twigs, bind them with red thread and add crystals or roots to intensify the protection aspects.  Something simple and easy. - page 157

There are times however when you need to pull a bit deeper into your mojo to get those shields up.  If you have an attack from another witch or when that protection need to be from those in your own family. Along with mirroring spells and protection salts I often will use acorn magic to help keep those who should be close at a distance.  I'll share with you this week my basic protection from family spell.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

4 tea lights for the 4 directions
1 main pillar/taper candle (white) I keep this in the center of the 4 tea lights)
1 taper candle (red)
1 small jar or vessel that can be buried in the yard
Acorns with the top intact (you'll need one for each person who is attacking you)
1 raw chicken egg
1 bundle of sage
1 incense stick (Myrrh, Angelica, Cedar, Dragon's Blood, Clove, Juniper, Lotus, Sandlewood)

Use the sage to cleans the area you plan to work in.
Light the four candles from top, clockwise and recognize the directions/elements and welcome them.
If you call the quarters or request the presence of deities this is a good time to get that mojo working.
Light the center candle and focus your mind on that flame.  Welcome the magic into your body.

Take the marker and put the initials on the acorn of the person from whom you need protection. Repeat for each person on separate acorns.

Light the incense stick from the center candle and use the flame to light the red taper. Focus your energy on bringing the power of the elements, the magic of the directions and the strength of the deity/magic you called in the opening circle into this red candle.  This candle is now charged.  It is your power source.

Carefully hold the candle in one hand and then drop a single drop of red wax over the initials on each of the acorns. See yourself silencing the harm that is coming from each acorn.  Watch the wax encase the negativity being sent to you.  Focus your mind on stopping the hatred coming from its source.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

As each wax dot dries drop the acorn into the vessel you have chosen to rid yourself of this energy.

Take the egg and place it inside the vessel with the acorns and close it tight.

Close your circle as you normally would. - For me I simply reverse the process, extinguishing each candle in a counter clockwise manner and thank the elements for their presence.

The sealed jar should be taken outside and buried in a safe place and left alone.  If you can't bury the jar immediately, place it in the freezer until you can.

And that's it.  That's the best way to take care of yourself from family who is trying to harm you. I use acorns as they represent family ties and connections. The wax acts as a binding element to stop the harm from coming in and sealing it in the ground buries that connection.

Again I always believe that the best spells come from within so be willing to look up ingredients and find the right candle colors or herbs that will fit your specific situation the best.

Hope this is helpful to someone out there.  I had the feeling someone is getting some harm from their family.  Hang in there.  Protect yourself.

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