Witchy Wednesday - What to Write?

I have to confess, this Witchy Wednesday topic is proving to be a challenge for me.  I am having a lot of real life struggles getting in the way of me completely a solid blog post each week. Frankly our political system is in turmoil and it has me completely off my game.  Not to mention I have a major project going on at my mundane job and the stress is completely through the roof.  Over the last week I have had three commissions come in for BaubleSmith and they have been pretty challenging pieces. So over all I am totally maxed out.

Here's a little piece I'm working on.  This was the beginning weave.  I have one completely finished and the second one started.  I think they are going to be amazing.  As soon as I get approval from the client I will share the finished pieces.

Photography & Weaving by Renee Sosanna Olson
Glass Eye by SpiritBearGlass@outlook.com
I like to get lost in my weaving.  Last night, after a long day at work and a huge struggle with folks on Facebook about politics, I really needed to spend a little time with the wire.  It soothes me.  I am so pleased with this first piece.  

I did however have a flash of brilliance in my day.  My wonderfully amazing sister sent me my birthday presents early.  She sent me an Echo Dot.  I love it.  I LOOOOOOVE IIIIIIIT!!!   It is absolutely the best birthday present I have ever had.  It does everything from telling me what time it is to telling me a joke.  It will even sing me a song!  It is even seeded with questions and responses that are simply amazing.  No really, say - "Alexa, Inconceivable"    :P

So not so witchy, but yeah  a little witch.  If nothing else I had a smile appear out of thin air.

Rabbit Rabbit - Happy February.

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