Witchy Wednesday - What's Love got to do with It?

A week doesn't pass by without the request from either this blog or via my website with a request for a love spell.  Love magic is tricky business. You'll find some (like myself) who do not dabble in the affairs of love.

There are however a lot of practitioners out there who will certainly hook you up with a love spell. One books specifically - Love Magic by  Lilith Dorsey offers the reader 250 spells and potions to help get your love life off the ground.  The contents page tells us that we can expect the author to cover everything from Happiness and self love through marriage and fertility.

While not exactly Love Potion #9 on page 210 of the book the author assures us that working with the Elysian Fields Ritual will "bring about blissful dreams of erotic pleasure."  Certain something worth reading.

The book isn't simply filled with love spells, there are quite a few spells to limit or remove unwanted attraction as well. (Which is oddly ironic in a book of love magic spells)  For example we have the Gone and Away Spell &  Downfall of Social Media on page 203 that intend to fix you right up when things have gone awry.

I don't tend to practice love spells for others. But I can give some advice on what I did for myself in my personal situation. There is the need to write things down and repeat them. There is also a bit of focusing of energy. But probably not exactly as you expected.  Relationships are not fixer uppers. We have to be happy with the person we expect to be in a relationship with exactly as they are today. In my case my partner and I sat down and created separate lists.  My list was what I expected of them. What I was ok with. And the same in reverse. We sat down together and compared our lists. After we went though each item one by one discussing them and understanding really what our expectations were from this relationship we were able to move forward. I sit here across from them 15 years later with only 2 fights under our belt, both feeling loved and 100% supported in every way. While you can set your intentions with some herbs, roots and flowers, one should always include the most magical ingredient around.  Communication.

...after all, you'll never find your hero if you're not honest with what you're really looking for.

A Witch's View - Food Box Reviews

So this was a pretty full series. I managed to test out several different food box delivery services and had mixed results. One thing I have found is that I prefer the boxes where I actually cook. Most of the food delivery that was heat and eat were pretty much not good.

I ended up sticking with Green Chef.  They are by far one of the better services out there. Recently they removed the ability to look up your recipes on their website to replicate later.  Which is a bummer. I really enjoyed being able to recreate the seasons and sauces they provided in their meals on my off days.

This is their site and the recipe for one of my favorite dishes.  I think we have made it four times since we got it the first time.  The only way we could recreate is that we found the actual named seasoning online.

Green Chef Website

Clicking on the magnifying glass provided information on the item selected.  Here my amounts are missing.
Green Chef Website

Below you can see the ingredient amounts for the seasoning.  They are still available on the older recipes.

Green Chef Website

That aside, which I hope they change back, over all I really enjoy my Green Chef recipes weekly. It is working out fantastically for us and my only complaint is that I wish I could get five days instead of just three.  If you think you might be interested in giving them a try just follow this link and sign up. You can also reach out to me on Facebook if you like with a personal message.  I sometimes have free trials I can share.

Look at these fantastic meals.  The Cuban Tofu and the Israeli Salad were my favorites!  If you sign up before to share your dishes with me.  I'd love to see what the Meat Eaters and the Vegetarians are munching on.
Green Chef Website

Green Chef Website

Witchy Wednesday - Bringing the Magic Back to BaubleSmith

A little over 7 months ago a hurricane came thought and flooded a large portion of Eastern North Carolina.  My little corner of the world was included in the area.  We were luckier than most in that we only lost our vardo and our ability to vend for the next year.  Heartbreaking as it is so many people were in a much more harsh situation than we were/are in.  The water in the river is still very high and at this point we still have water on our property.  But at least we can stay on our property. Some cannot even return to their homes.

When our business sailed down the river, hubby and I discussed the best way to move forward and we thought about changing direction in our business and trying to become more mainstream vs. our direct Pagan/Witchy direction.  We revamped the website and I started marketing.  We have found that no matter how hard I try, I tend to sprinkle magic in here and there. Examples include - Hubby wants to make bath salts, I go off on a tangent about how wonderful that is and how we should do ritual bath soaks with ones for Samhain, Yule .... you get the picture.

Photo Credit - BaubleSmith

Next he wants to make resin bracelets.  My eyes glaze over as I start recommending pentacles and ravens and you see where I'm going.

Photo Credit - BaubleSmith

As we tried to make our more mainstream, the magic found its way in. As we rebuild from this devastation and it could be up to 3 years before the buyouts are completed by the state, We sit here trying to understand where we're going and what we're going to be doing while we wait for the uncertainty that is dealing with governmental agencies. All we can do is keep the magic flowing and direct our energies towards making life at this place better while we are here.

I'm beginning to pick up my clay again.  I may have some new items showing up in the shop soon. I've created some goddess pieces that I can't wait to share with you.  I have also added some candles back to the shop. These were always wonderful additions and I know that they will continue to help bring light to those who need it.

Photo Credit - BaubleSmith

So today, I'm waiting.  I'm watching. I'm spelling. Directing the forces of nature and the powers of the elements to guide this process to an end. I hear three years but, I long for 3 weeks.

So mote it be.

A Witch's View - Miyoko's Kitchen

This week I'm doing a review of some of the amazing products from Miyoko's Kitchen.  My life as a vegan has been a sort of struggle as it relates to my life with Cheese or rather without it.  I love cheese. I would think nothing of sitting down and eating and entire block of cheese with crackers.  I would tell myself it was healthy because I would use "good" cheese.  But frankly my body was telling another story.  After hubby and I decided to go vegan, we took all dairy from our diet. My heart would yearn for the stringy bubbly goodness of a hot slice or a creamy grilled cheese. I had resigned the fact that I would never have that back in my life again.

Until now!

A while back I did a search and found a video of Miyoko and her amazing cheese recipes.  I started writing down everything so I could make her a cheese for a pizza.

Then while searching I found her website where she sells her cheese already done!!  We ordered the cheddar cheese sauce, the double cream and chive spread and the fresh mozz.

From http://miyokoskitchen.com/products-miyoko/

This spreadable cheese replacement is amazing. We have it with crackers and it was simply amazing. I loved it.


The Fresh VeganMozz was simply amazing. I have not had a pizza with cheese in years.  Now I have had ones with Daiya and it was like eating cardboard.  I grabbed some pizza dough from the deli section of my grocery store and added some vegan butter with garlic a few herbs and this cheese grated.  YES GRATED.  You can slice or grate it and it melts and browns so amazingly. I am in love. I will have this in my house forever!!!

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

From: http://miyokoskitchen.com/products-miyoko/
Finally we tried the Cheddar Style Cheese Sauce.  Sadly the cheese sauce was really strong with nutritional yeast and mustard.  I took one bite and spit it out.  It was just horrid.  So my quest for mac and cheese continues, however I will be purchasing the VeganMozz and the Creamy Spreads again!

Witchy Wednesday - What is With All These Pagans??

It appears the talons are out and the Pagans are at it again.  What would this community be without all the infighting? Maybe successful? Maybe useful?  Yes, I said that.  Last night I found out that another batch of folks are jumping on the bandwagon to attack another practitioner.

It appears that Peter Dybing has decided he has the authority to speak for the Pagan community and request that Christian Day be banned from Paganism.  This is the same Peter Dybing who retired from Paganism just a few short years ago and the same one who still has a bio up on Patheos.  It isn't like he's the first.  For years, a blog has been maintained with no other purpose but to run down Christian Day.

Everyone seems to be getting into the fight too.  I believe the internet actually slowed to a crawl with all the shares and snagits happening.

Things escalated quickly so much so that Christian started to received death threats.

The amount of venom that is being displayed here is just incredible. I'm not sure if they are actually pissed at Christian or if they are jealous. This is more war like than I have ever seen in this community. They didn't get this upset when Kenny Klein was arrested and subsequently convicted on child porn charges. 

I sit back watching this around me and am really blown away at how people who call themselves Pagans behave. So much backstabbing and gossiping. I treasure my witchy space and how I am separated from all that. I have been on the receiving end of this type of thing but by all means no where near as hateful as what is happening right now to Christian Day.  I have been the subject of blogs and chatter online.  I have had them come to my page and rant away because I called them out on something. Each of these light and lovers, who celebrate inclusion are quick to lash out the minute they can and the voice is usually venom. There are folks out there who seem to work together with great ease but the numbers are very few and far between.  I tend to live and let live. I do however believe that honesty is the best policy and unfortunately, people have issues when you tell them the truth they don't want to hear.

So along with this current drama speeding across the webosphere at the speed of light saunters on, I'll be sitting over here, just a witch and her little dog.  Waiting for the next shoe to drop. Watching to see who crawls out of bed with whom when the sun comes up.

By NBC Television Network [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Besides, if you're not a good witch someone may just drop a house on you.

NOTE:  I wrote this post on Saturday to be delivered today.  As of yesterday the petition has been removed from the We Care Site.  All the posts and comments have been removed from various walls. I wonder if that means someone learned their lesson?  Probably not.

A Witch's View - Mama Sezz

In my search for Vegan food delivery I have found myself reviewing this new prepared food delivery services.  This week I ordered four dishes to try out.  This week we're trying Mama Sezz.

Here's a bit about the company.

My food arrived in two days because I happened to order just in the right time window.  The package comes with a return FedEx label.  You have to put all the product back into the box and schedule a pick up from FedEx.

 I was so excited to see Mac & Cheese as an option.  Of course I tried that first!

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

 I ordered Gardener's Pie.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
 Moroccan Stew

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
 Quinoa Stack
Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

We also ordered the raw bread which we did not care for at all. We ended up tossing that into the bird feeder.  They loved it.

My mac and cheese was pretty tasty.  I warmed it on the stove but I think next time I would do it in the microwave to avoid the mac getting broken up.  The flavor was great.  I was really pleased.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
The next thing we tried was the Moroccan Stew. The smell was incredible.  It was extremely hearty and looked amazing.  About three bites in however the spice was over the top.  I had to stop eating it because it was so spicy hot.  This would certainly be something I wouldn't order again.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Our next adventure was the Gardner's Pie.

Well, I had high hopes for this one but again, I was disappointed.  The potatoes were loaded with an onion puree that over powered the entire dish.  Then the carrots on the top were almost raw.  It did not make for a pleasant experience.  we ended up tossing the whole thing.  :(

Finally we got to the Quinoa Stack and it just didn't look right.  We decided not to eat it.  I contacted the company to let them know about the quality of the food we received and they were amazing. The founder herself contacted me and we spoke on the phone.  She offered me a full refund on my order which I accepted and she included my choice of anything on the site to test out.  I opted for some chili and another go at the Mac Attack.  This time I'll heat it in the microwave and hopefully it will be better.

I really love the concept behind this company and with this personalized dedication to quality and customer service I believe they will go far.  If you have a chance, head over and check out Mama Sezz. I highly recommend them!

Witchy Wednesday - To Be Silent

"Noscere Audere Velle Tacere" - To Know. To Dare. To Will. To Keep Silent. (background)  Also known as The Witch's Pyramid, 4 Powers of the Magus, 4 Secrets of the Sphinx and the Hermetic Quatinary

These words mean more to some people than others.  As we look at social media today many people are very quick to talk a big game.  The anonymity of  the keyboard tends to make people become a bit more ugly (to use a word from my Grandma) than they would be in person.  But still, in this day and age one would think that those who practice would tend to follow some basic ideals around magic and witchcraft.  The line, for example back in the day, no one would know the "magical name" of another practitioner aside from their coven.  

Today, people create Facebook pages for their magical alter-ego and invite people to like their latest (and usually plagiarized) spell. It really is fascinating to see some of these practitioners pull in the younger crowd in and basically fill their heads with nonsense.  While I'm not opposed to teachers taking in students, it is so dangerous for some people to have students. Unfortunately any Tom, Dick or Harry can become a grand poo ba of a pagan order and next thing you know we have people who have no business being in charge of people are suddenly allowed to not only allowed to officiate over ceremonies but also able to create a space were young vulnerable people are under their tutelage. 

It would seem that they neglected the pyramid themselves. To know.  What does that mean exactly? Associated with the element of Air, to know means to learn or to seek knowledge.  Today it seems that people are suddenly a Priestess of something they haven't even fully studied yet.  How is that even possible? To me it cheapens the entire magical community. Just as any other path, to know, means that you'll always be learning. Find a person who thinks they know everything and you'll meet someone who has much to learn.

To dare and will are both the similar. One means that  we have the courage to move forward. You need to be strong and have the courage to move forward. Forward in life and in magic. Each step you take in this journey can be something spectacular. You can make it what it can be. To will is exactly as it sounds. To force it. How much will you sacrifice to meet the goal. When you're working your magic, you'll need to see that magic finish it's course. You will need to visualize the action. You'll need to see it in your mind's eye to it's completion. Like dare, this is something that is only found within you.  You make the will, you can feel the magic seep inside your veins. Dare is what you feel in your within your being.  You own it.
Finally we're at silent. This is where the breakdown occurs in this world of instant updates, status messages and Twitter rants people forget to keep their mouth shuts about their magic. I have witnessed Facebook Page status messages proclaiming their latest spell and how effective it was.  POTUS as a one of these sad situations where while it might be a good idea to bind someone, making your intentions public only allows others to add their magic to the mix. Why would you do that?  Something similar happened with the Brock Turner incident as well.  While I'm not directly opposed to using magic in either case, the whole idea of making it public, to me, cheapens the whole thing.

So what do you think? What is your experience with the witch's pyramid?  What do you think about being silent? I would love to hear it in the comments.

A Witch's View - Purple Carrot Review - Herbed Barley Bowl

Our last recipe with Purple Carrot is the Herbed Barely Bowl.

So let's get started.  The greens that came with this were pretty badly wilted so I just used some mixed green salad from the grocery store.

Here's the whole group.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
Here's my wilty salad.
Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
 I had to pick up some parsley from the store as well.  As you can see it was a bit damaged in transit.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
 Next we cleaned and cooked up the mushrooms.
Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
 All the while, our barely just cooked and cooked.  It took about twice as long as the card said to become soft.
Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
 We thinly sliced our peppers and cooked them in some sugar water to create a pickling effect.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
 Finally we plated.  It was just ok for me.  Hubby really liked it, I wasn't feeling the mushrooms.  They were pretty slimy from the butter and just reminded me of an oyster.  Gross.  :P

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
So pretty much we had no luck with Purple Carrot.  I did try everything that we got from them though. We are still getting our GreenChef meals regularly and I love them. I still take photos and share my meals from them on Instagram and on Facebook.  If you think you'd like to try them here's a link.

Witchy Wednesday - Water Magic

As many of you know last year we lost our business due to Hurricane Matthew.  We re-branded and even though we can't attend the festivals as we normally would like to due to the loss of our Vardo, we are still making our jewelry and selling online.  This past weekend was the kick off to festival season and many of our friends attended Festival of Legends this past weekend and will be attending Mayfaire next weekend.  Ironically, we had another run in with the river this week.  There wasn't a huge amount of rain all at one time yet the Neuse decided that we needed to see her power again.

As I sit typing this my videos of the swollen river are uploading to YouTube.  I'm reminded of the chants from last year, "Water is life" and here I am realizing that it is also death.  Water plays a huge role in magic. Water can be used in spells for love, friendship, healing, sleep and fertility. The Chalice is often used to represent water on the pagan altar. I draw upon the element of water often in my spell work. As a Piscean, water is near and dear to my heart.  I have a healthy respect for water and after two near drowning experiences I tend to keep my distance, while always offering her respect.

I embraced her completely in this tarot card project I worked on where I represented the Star card.

The Star - Female Mystique Tarot

Many of the stones I work with in my wire weaving also represent water. Some of those stones are Amethyst, Aquamarine, Azurite, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Coral, Mother-of-pearl, Lapis lazuli, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Pearl, Blue and Pink Tourmaline, Sapphire, Selenite, and Sodalite.  As we were walking the property to survey the damage I found a few river rocks that I plan to use in my jewelry.  I plan to call upon the river energy to bless and protect the stones (and the wearer).  I will have these up in on the site soon.  I can't wait to share them with you.

I'll end with a few photos from the flooding we're having now.

This is the far side of the property.  There shouldn't be water here.

Photo Credit Renee Sosanna Olson
 I turned around to take a photo of the house so you can see how close the water is to the house. It is about 100 feet from us on the side.  The tree line behind the house obscures the view so I couldn't show you that.  It is about 25 feed behind the house right now.
Photo Credit Renee Sosanna Olson
 This is the boat ramp downtown Seven Springs. The river has taken over the bank and part of the parking lot.

Photo Credit Renee Sosanna Olson
 This is the Main Street bridge.  Still in the boat ramp parking lot.  You can't see the part where you back your boat trailer up to put the boat in the water.

Photo Credit Renee Sosanna Olson
 Next we stop at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park.  This is the overlook shot.  I take a lot of pictures here.  It doesn't really show the impact of the flood water, but it was a beautiful shot.

Photo Credit Renee Sosanna Olson
 More of the Neuse River.
Photo Credit Renee Sosanna Olson

Respect the water energy, she brings life and death.