Witchy Wednesday - Bringing the Magic Back to BaubleSmith

A little over 7 months ago a hurricane came thought and flooded a large portion of Eastern North Carolina.  My little corner of the world was included in the area.  We were luckier than most in that we only lost our vardo and our ability to vend for the next year.  Heartbreaking as it is so many people were in a much more harsh situation than we were/are in.  The water in the river is still very high and at this point we still have water on our property.  But at least we can stay on our property. Some cannot even return to their homes.

When our business sailed down the river, hubby and I discussed the best way to move forward and we thought about changing direction in our business and trying to become more mainstream vs. our direct Pagan/Witchy direction.  We revamped the website and I started marketing.  We have found that no matter how hard I try, I tend to sprinkle magic in here and there. Examples include - Hubby wants to make bath salts, I go off on a tangent about how wonderful that is and how we should do ritual bath soaks with ones for Samhain, Yule .... you get the picture.

Photo Credit - BaubleSmith

Next he wants to make resin bracelets.  My eyes glaze over as I start recommending pentacles and ravens and you see where I'm going.

Photo Credit - BaubleSmith

As we tried to make our more mainstream, the magic found its way in. As we rebuild from this devastation and it could be up to 3 years before the buyouts are completed by the state, We sit here trying to understand where we're going and what we're going to be doing while we wait for the uncertainty that is dealing with governmental agencies. All we can do is keep the magic flowing and direct our energies towards making life at this place better while we are here.

I'm beginning to pick up my clay again.  I may have some new items showing up in the shop soon. I've created some goddess pieces that I can't wait to share with you.  I have also added some candles back to the shop. These were always wonderful additions and I know that they will continue to help bring light to those who need it.

Photo Credit - BaubleSmith

So today, I'm waiting.  I'm watching. I'm spelling. Directing the forces of nature and the powers of the elements to guide this process to an end. I hear three years but, I long for 3 weeks.

So mote it be.

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