Witchy Wednesday - To Be Silent

"Noscere Audere Velle Tacere" - To Know. To Dare. To Will. To Keep Silent. (background)  Also known as The Witch's Pyramid, 4 Powers of the Magus, 4 Secrets of the Sphinx and the Hermetic Quatinary

These words mean more to some people than others.  As we look at social media today many people are very quick to talk a big game.  The anonymity of  the keyboard tends to make people become a bit more ugly (to use a word from my Grandma) than they would be in person.  But still, in this day and age one would think that those who practice would tend to follow some basic ideals around magic and witchcraft.  The line, for example back in the day, no one would know the "magical name" of another practitioner aside from their coven.  

Today, people create Facebook pages for their magical alter-ego and invite people to like their latest (and usually plagiarized) spell. It really is fascinating to see some of these practitioners pull in the younger crowd in and basically fill their heads with nonsense.  While I'm not opposed to teachers taking in students, it is so dangerous for some people to have students. Unfortunately any Tom, Dick or Harry can become a grand poo ba of a pagan order and next thing you know we have people who have no business being in charge of people are suddenly allowed to not only allowed to officiate over ceremonies but also able to create a space were young vulnerable people are under their tutelage. 

It would seem that they neglected the pyramid themselves. To know.  What does that mean exactly? Associated with the element of Air, to know means to learn or to seek knowledge.  Today it seems that people are suddenly a Priestess of something they haven't even fully studied yet.  How is that even possible? To me it cheapens the entire magical community. Just as any other path, to know, means that you'll always be learning. Find a person who thinks they know everything and you'll meet someone who has much to learn.

To dare and will are both the similar. One means that  we have the courage to move forward. You need to be strong and have the courage to move forward. Forward in life and in magic. Each step you take in this journey can be something spectacular. You can make it what it can be. To will is exactly as it sounds. To force it. How much will you sacrifice to meet the goal. When you're working your magic, you'll need to see that magic finish it's course. You will need to visualize the action. You'll need to see it in your mind's eye to it's completion. Like dare, this is something that is only found within you.  You make the will, you can feel the magic seep inside your veins. Dare is what you feel in your within your being.  You own it.
Finally we're at silent. This is where the breakdown occurs in this world of instant updates, status messages and Twitter rants people forget to keep their mouth shuts about their magic. I have witnessed Facebook Page status messages proclaiming their latest spell and how effective it was.  POTUS as a one of these sad situations where while it might be a good idea to bind someone, making your intentions public only allows others to add their magic to the mix. Why would you do that?  Something similar happened with the Brock Turner incident as well.  While I'm not directly opposed to using magic in either case, the whole idea of making it public, to me, cheapens the whole thing.

So what do you think? What is your experience with the witch's pyramid?  What do you think about being silent? I would love to hear it in the comments.

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