Witchy Wednesday - What is With All These Pagans??

It appears the talons are out and the Pagans are at it again.  What would this community be without all the infighting? Maybe successful? Maybe useful?  Yes, I said that.  Last night I found out that another batch of folks are jumping on the bandwagon to attack another practitioner.

It appears that Peter Dybing has decided he has the authority to speak for the Pagan community and request that Christian Day be banned from Paganism.  This is the same Peter Dybing who retired from Paganism just a few short years ago and the same one who still has a bio up on Patheos.  It isn't like he's the first.  For years, a blog has been maintained with no other purpose but to run down Christian Day.

Everyone seems to be getting into the fight too.  I believe the internet actually slowed to a crawl with all the shares and snagits happening.

Things escalated quickly so much so that Christian started to received death threats.

The amount of venom that is being displayed here is just incredible. I'm not sure if they are actually pissed at Christian or if they are jealous. This is more war like than I have ever seen in this community. They didn't get this upset when Kenny Klein was arrested and subsequently convicted on child porn charges. 

I sit back watching this around me and am really blown away at how people who call themselves Pagans behave. So much backstabbing and gossiping. I treasure my witchy space and how I am separated from all that. I have been on the receiving end of this type of thing but by all means no where near as hateful as what is happening right now to Christian Day.  I have been the subject of blogs and chatter online.  I have had them come to my page and rant away because I called them out on something. Each of these light and lovers, who celebrate inclusion are quick to lash out the minute they can and the voice is usually venom. There are folks out there who seem to work together with great ease but the numbers are very few and far between.  I tend to live and let live. I do however believe that honesty is the best policy and unfortunately, people have issues when you tell them the truth they don't want to hear.

So along with this current drama speeding across the webosphere at the speed of light saunters on, I'll be sitting over here, just a witch and her little dog.  Waiting for the next shoe to drop. Watching to see who crawls out of bed with whom when the sun comes up.

By NBC Television Network [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Besides, if you're not a good witch someone may just drop a house on you.

NOTE:  I wrote this post on Saturday to be delivered today.  As of yesterday the petition has been removed from the We Care Site.  All the posts and comments have been removed from various walls. I wonder if that means someone learned their lesson?  Probably not.

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