Witchy Wednesday - What's Love got to do with It?

A week doesn't pass by without the request from either this blog or via my website with a request for a love spell.  Love magic is tricky business. You'll find some (like myself) who do not dabble in the affairs of love.

There are however a lot of practitioners out there who will certainly hook you up with a love spell. One books specifically - Love Magic by  Lilith Dorsey offers the reader 250 spells and potions to help get your love life off the ground.  The contents page tells us that we can expect the author to cover everything from Happiness and self love through marriage and fertility.

While not exactly Love Potion #9 on page 210 of the book the author assures us that working with the Elysian Fields Ritual will "bring about blissful dreams of erotic pleasure."  Certain something worth reading.

The book isn't simply filled with love spells, there are quite a few spells to limit or remove unwanted attraction as well. (Which is oddly ironic in a book of love magic spells)  For example we have the Gone and Away Spell &  Downfall of Social Media on page 203 that intend to fix you right up when things have gone awry.

I don't tend to practice love spells for others. But I can give some advice on what I did for myself in my personal situation. There is the need to write things down and repeat them. There is also a bit of focusing of energy. But probably not exactly as you expected.  Relationships are not fixer uppers. We have to be happy with the person we expect to be in a relationship with exactly as they are today. In my case my partner and I sat down and created separate lists.  My list was what I expected of them. What I was ok with. And the same in reverse. We sat down together and compared our lists. After we went though each item one by one discussing them and understanding really what our expectations were from this relationship we were able to move forward. I sit here across from them 15 years later with only 2 fights under our belt, both feeling loved and 100% supported in every way. While you can set your intentions with some herbs, roots and flowers, one should always include the most magical ingredient around.  Communication.

...after all, you'll never find your hero if you're not honest with what you're really looking for.

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