Witchy Wednesday - Owning Your Energy

So many times we walk around in this world allowing our energy to run a muck.

We forget that when we send out certain types of energy we attract certain types back to us.  You've heard the old saying misery loves company? Well if you walk around the world miserable eventually you'll find someone to join in your misery and soon all that you'll have around you is negativity.

Ever had a day (week, month or year) that just seemed to be filled with issue after issue? One "bad" thing after another happening to you?  Check your energy. What are you putting out there?  Are you a gloomy Gus?  Are you a negative Nancy?  Yeah I said that.

The great thing at this point is that you see that pattern. You can recognize that you need to take control of the space you're in and the energy you bring into that space. Learning some simple techniques you'll be able to remove that negativity and bring back some prosperity into your world.

Here is a really good info video on Smudging.

If you really want to get an in-depth course. Head over to Tree of Life Apothecary's Etsy shop and pick up Sage Advice.  I highly recommend it.

The main way to get yourself together and JUST DO IT.

All joking aside, I see so many magical people sitting back and letting the world happen to them. You have to take control of the situation and take steps to improve or direct your energy to the correct avenue.  If you want to learn a new spell, pick up a book and dedicate some time to learning it. If you want to stop those nasty little accidents from occurring around your house, take a few minutes and cleanse your space.  You control this space.  You can "allow" it to continue to ruled by negativity or you can "allow" positive, prosperous and happy energy to live there.   It is all up to you.

Sing and dance with me ya'll.

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