The Kyballion - Lost to Me - Witchy Wednesday

So over the last three weeks I have been working with learning the principals of the Kybalion. I have tried several different methods. I started out reading a book and boy was that a mess.  I tried to listen to it via audio books.  You can find a chapter by chapter listing here.

Pretty soon I began to feel like I was in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

Next I found several different "teachers" if you will on YouTube to try to understand the message here.  Here is just a few of the thousands of hits that were returned on this search.

While I intended this blog series to outline the seven principals and then give my interpretation of them, the best I have right now is:

I just don't get it.  Maybe it is smarter than me, maybe I'm not at my spiritual level to fully understand this but for now, it is complete confusion.  And frankly I really tried to get it. If anyone would like to reach out to add a bit of clarity I am completely open to hearing your thoughts on this but for now, I'm just setting this aside.

My path has pretty much wondered away from deity worship and leads back more towards science, energy and learning about alchemy. Perhaps this is why I'm having issues with it. The repeated references to God and so forth are a bit of challenge for me.

In any event those following at home, please feel free to have a hand at reading this and feel free to come back and post your comments or even message me directly.  I'm intrigued at how many have re-shared, re-blogged and vlogged about this topic yet it is still so difficult to understand.

After having a listen to these things I finally found this video.  Not related to our topic but really actually higher than our topic.  The statement - everyone consumes more than what they need.  YES. This.  To me this is so much more understanding than these other videos.

Till next time...

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