Witchy Wednesday - Thinning of the Veil

Usually by this time I have the ancestor altar in full switch.  Candles, updated photos, flowers. Usually I have my photos taken and submitted to altar projects and I'm completely set for Samhain. This year is proving to be an exception. With the remodel of the house and our plans to move things have taken a turn for the "Huh?". (laughing) I may even start experimenting with vlogging.  I have been working with the video a bit more and I think I may look to test that out as we start making more progress for our move.

Over the last two weeks we have slowly sold off the majority of what we own. We are living full time in the RV now and getting set in our routine. My ancestor altar is only inches away from me every day now, instead of being across the room in my office. I have no pictures or flowers. Just a box of incense and a cat from time to time. Meanwhile, I think I have been more in touch with spirits over this time period than any other time in my life. With all the construction in the house it is a buzz with activity. Yesterday a closet door swung open while I was talking to Eli.

We have so much more work on the house to do and with me working full time, I'm not sure that I'll have the ability to do much more than seeing my altar and thinking of them. Sometimes you have more, sometimes less.

What are you doing to honor the dead this year?

I'm already having so much contact I'm really looking forward for any messages this year. I plan to sit and actively listen over the next two weeks to see what is coming.  I am having more vivid dreams which leads me to believe there's someone out there wanting to chat. Hopefully I'll have a visit.

Looking forward to what life has in store for me. Changes they are a coming.

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