Finally Friday Wrap Up

So it has been a long week.  My vacation kicked off this past Monday but we were not in the position to leave yet.  We finished up the house on Wednesday and pulling out on Thursday.  Today I'm blogging from the front seat of the truck while hubby drives of to the land of enchantment and hatch chilies!  We managed to get the house in rental condition and whittled down our belongings to only those things that would fit in the trailer.  We swapped out our anchors for wheels and we're going to try living minimally.

With that, I want to share you with you our completed project on the house.  I think it turned out really well.

So there she is.  Ready to be rented.  Here's a link to the property management company who are taking care of the details for me.  Their photos are fantastic!

I'm so excited to be headed to the southwest.  I can't wait to share my photos with you.  It is going to be an amazing journey!

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