Becoming an Atheist Witch

Over the few years I've grown quite a bit in my path. I've looked to the sky for guidance, gathered twigs and herbs for spells and spent many a night naked under the moon.  My journey has taken me from learning about Wicca to being an independent witch.   This is the first year that I have gradually separated from the Wheel of the Year, stood aside from Rite of Her Sacred Fires and tried to join with the earth's energy.  I tossed aside holding my tongue in lieu of speaking my mind even if it seemed to be a thumb at harm none.

I did a few searches on YouTube on the subject, the only one that seemed to be interesting and not start out with someone younger than my socks and brite pink hair was the one from a Yale Class.

I'll share it here just because I thought it was interesting.

In any event needless to say that a lot of my daily rites have changed and I no longer have an altar or even participate in events like Samhain & Yule. While I still work with natural energies, work to better my body and become more aligned with the natural world, I don't have a deity and don't work with one.  I have never really believed that you needed one but for what its worth, just to clarify, I currently don't have one.

Year before last my focus was to refine my art and work on mastering wire weaving for my jewelry.  Last year a flood snipped my ability to vend and I was pushed back to only selling online. Taking advantage of that hubby and I took to the road and ended up in New Mexico.  As I sit here just a week outside 2018, I've begun setting my goals for this up coming year. I plan to continue to work my craft but adding a new medium and focusing on my body.  I want to make myself stronger and healthier.  I want to encourage the new Atheist Witch in me to embrace my mystical skills while holding fast to the things I know to be true.

This will be a different path than I have been on, but I hope that you will stay along for the ride and lend your comments, suggestions and feedback as I move forward on this new journey.  Things will change. I will be a bit more assertive with my comments. I will be more direct and practice less hand holding. I will be cutting off things that no longer play a role in my life and I will be removing those who do not bring about positive in my life. This is a departure from my normal status quo however I feel it is something that needs to be done in order to continue to grow.

If it doesn't bring you happiness.  Let it go.  Find what makes you excited and embrace it.

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