Moon Magic - A Review

Today I'm reviewing Moon Magic by Diane Ahlquist from a book provided by Adams Media.

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Disclaimer: I would like to preface this review with a confession.  I do not practice Wicca. I am a solitary atheist witch. I work in alchemy and dabble in metal work.  I use chants, herbs and metals to cast my spells and do a bit of image reading. I also receive no compensation for the reviews that I do.  I am sent the books at no cost to me and I provide a review to share with you, and sometimes a freebie to use as a giveaway as well.

This is a great book about the moon.  I know this comes as a shock that I would use the word GREAT in describing a book. In fact I have only used that word for two other authors in my history of book reviews.  This author really took some time in looking for a more deeper understanding of the different representations of the moon.

While being sure to include the basics on waxing and waning this author also included references to the uncommon names and the familiar names we're used to seeing in reference to this celestial body. For example we all know about the Hare Moon of May but have you heard of the Milk Moon?  May's moon is referred tot his due to the mother's milk and the life force present and coming forward in May.

An entire section of this book is dedicated to harnessing the moons magic for positive in your life.  From the individual days of the week to the moon phases this book outlines the process for access this natural energy for medical, spiritual and mundane procedures.  You can even document your progress by using a worksheet or create a vision board to help manifest your magical intentions.

Parts 3 and 4 are dedicated directly to magical practices. Everyday magic includes altar prep, meditations and basic spell work for an assortment of desired results. Financial, health and relationship woes are addressed with informative and directed rituals.  The advanced chapter delves deeper into the astrological aspects of the moon as well as adding crystals and herbs to your spell arsenal.

The last part of the book offers recipes for our old favorites such as moon cakes but then takes it a step further to add some lovely black and blue moon burgers and even vegetarian moon tacos. To please the witch in all of us there's a recipe for Moon Margaritas!

Over all I was extremely pleased with this book and highly recommend adding this to your magical library.

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