Spirit Land; The Peyote Diaries Of Charles Langley - A Review

Spirit Land - The Peyote Diaries of Charles Langley; is a book written by Charles Langley.

Charles has written this book using material from his personal experiences that he witnessed being a apprentice for a Navajo Shaman.

This book is written from a story telling recollection of experiences, contrary to the author’s statement. The author Charles, states that this book is not a story book but rather a living record. The story telling that Charles shares with the reader is mediocre. He states in the preface that his intent of the book is to keep record of shaman practices that may disappear without his information gathering.

I found the book just as he stated it was not, I found it completely as a story book. One filled with hearsay and speculation. Practices that were named were not well defined for the reader. There were footnotes that actually were added commentary, and did not add or extend the content. 

I would not recommend this book for study or wanting to understand more about the ways of Shamanism.

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