Find Your Goddess - Skye Alexander - A Review

Today I'm reviewing the book Find Your Goddess by Skye Alexander. Published by Simon & Schuster.
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I want to start by prefacing this review as I do all my reviews.  I do not follow Wicca.  I am an atheist witch and follow the more scientific side of magic.  I look at chemical reactions, elemental reasons and avoid attributing to the magical what can explained by the mundane.  That being said I review each book based on the subject matter, the quality of the binding and the author's presentation of the material.  I hope you enjoy.

I'll start out with the physical attributes of the books.  When I hold a book, it has to feel good. I hate those slicky covers or the ones that feel like suede.  This book is great.  The size is nice, slightly shorter than most books but I find it more comfortable to hold when reading. The pages are slightly thicker than most pages as well which gives the book the feel of a deck of tarot cards. There are 75 Goddesses in this book and each one has a full color artist quality image of each.  I was really impressed with this.  I won't go through each of Goddesses listed and the photos attached are the photos from the publishers' page but I will say you will not be disappointed with these images.

Of course due to my relation with the Covenant of Hekate, my first desire was to find her in the book. I was pleased to see some actual historic reference to her and not surprised to see the author jump back into the old crone references just as quickly. I agree with her underworld associations and with the darker and even dead/death aspects, however just because one guy called her Crone doesn't set that in stone. As with most that follow the path of Wicca, this author did put her in that place and I was disappointed tot see that.  (see references at the end of this review)

That aside I feel that this is a great book for an introduction to female deities across pantheons. Tiamat, Spider Woman and Hel all grace the pages of this book. I was pleased to see representations from around the globe to include not only the expected Greek/Roman deities but also Goddesses representing Africa, Egypt and even the Aztec culture. Freya, Sedna and Selene also make an appearance.  My own ancestor line make an appearance with references to Celtic Goddesses, the Morrigan, Danu and Brigid. 

Overall this is a really good beginner reference book for introducing the feminine deities and would recommend it as a way to get started.

Photos from the Publisher:

Photo Credit - Simon & Schuster

Photo Credit - Simon & Schuster

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Reference for Hecate not being a Crone
H is for Hecate - 2013
T is for Triple Goddess - 2013
Is Hekate a Crone - 2016

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