Giveaway! Confessions of a Bone Woman: Realizing Authentic Wildness in a Civilized World

Greetings Readers! I have been invited to participate in a giveaway.  There is a new book out on the 20th of Feb and Wild Woman Books has offered to give a copy to one of my followers!   The official release and book cover are below. 

The raffle will be hosted by my blog and I will pick a winner using Rafflecopter!  After the drawing has ended and the winner has sent me their shipping address, the publisher will send a copy of this book to the winner!



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Confessions of a Bone Woman:
 Realizing Authentic Wildness in a Civilized World
By Lucinda Bakken White
Lucinda Bakken White had just dropped her youngest child off at college, and she sat slumped on the couch. She was sad, sure, that her kids were now gone. But more so, she was sad that she was gone. Where was the wild woman she once was, before the marriage, the demanding job, the mothering and homemaking had completely consumed her life?
White was experiencing something all too common among women who “have it all” - only to feel like they lost themselves in the process. But she wasn’t going to give up. This was the dawn of a new chapter for her, one she embraced with fervor. This journey is what she chronicles in her new, gorgeous memoir, Confessions of a Bone Woman: Realizing Authentic Wildness in a Civilized World (Wild Woman Books, Feb. 20, 2018).

The book follows White as a happy-go-lucky nature child being raised by a young single mother in the 1960s. In a dramatic turn of events, her wild nature is broken. She is shaped into a yuppie and becomes the wife of a prominent Silicon Valley CEO and a glamorous socialite. Successful by all accounts of external measure, she feels trapped by the shallow values of a dominant culture and ever more alienated from her true nature.
Something primal awakens in White when she unearths and touches an ancient buffalo bone and the experience impels her to secretly collect dead animal parts and learn the art of curing their decomposing flesh. As Lucinda challenges convention, her curiosity about the animal kingdom leads to wild and unlikely adventures rescuing road kill, tracking wolves, and encountering lions face to face.

Confessions of a Bone Woman is one woman’s story of how she recognizes and learns to express her authentically wild nature to heal, bone by bone, and become her full self, redefining what it means to be a modern woman.
“By re-connecting with passion through my love of animals, bones and art, I was lifted out of my depression and experienced a profound journey of transformation,” says White, who now works as an Inner Wildness Guide for other women navigating their own journey. “I shed the external personas I had created and no longer served me, and developed a deep rapport with my inner self.”

Lucinda Bakken White began her professional career with an MBA and a coveted position at IBM. Now, as an Inner Wildness Guide, she is an expert in the process of self-discovery and personal transformation. Through personal guidance, teaching and ceremony she inspires and guides her clients through large and small journeys of change that are triggered by depression, anxiety, exhaustion, heartbreak, identity crisis, life stage transitions, unintended curve balls or the desire to live a more meaningful life.
For more information visit and connect with her on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Goodreads.
Confessions of a Bone Woman will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as select bookstores.

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