Can You Be Good Without God?

I fought with myself on creating this post.  Does responding give the accuser more power?  Should I sit back and say nothing?  Should I defend my honor?  You're probably thinking, Renee, what in the world are you talking about.

Recently I have had my character called into question simply based on one thing.  The title Atheist.  Over the years I have had my spiritual path ebb and flow as I expect most do.

As a small child I was baptized in a southern baptist church after being convinced by those in power that my poverty and sexual abuse was my own fault due to my sinful nature.  All I had to do (as a 9 year old) was accept Jesus as my savior and my troubles would be over.  Jesus would save me. Needless to say we all know how that went.  That very day my church bus driver told me as I stepped off the bus - "Tell (my abuser)'s name that I'll see him tonight at the show."  This destroyed me.  In my head - my church (my god) condoned the years of sexual abuse forced on me by my stepfather and condoned by my mother.

Fast forward 20 or so years and I was introduced to Wicca via a girlfriend.  It was a way to get close and yes, I was like dance naked?  Let's do it.  I began to study other alternative religions and hunted and pecked my way around paganism for the next 20 years.  Within the last 10 years, I was introduced to Hecate through a friend and found myself reading on the Covenant of Hekate, of which I am now a member.  I currently dedicate my spare time to assisting in administrative duties for the group such as moderator for various social media sites, editor of the monthly newsletter and a member of the administrative team.

More recently I have moved away from the idea of a divine creation for mankind and more in line with a scientific look at the world. I do believe there is energy and I do believe that there is a way to manipulate that energy, hence my identity as an atheist (does not believe in a divine creator) witch (believes in the manipulation of energy).

I fail to see how any of these beliefs make me unfit for public office, friendship or even just to be given the same respect that others receive. I believe that my public voice on this embodies the very virtues of Hecate or at least what we have assigned to her.

For now I will say to my naysayers, I am indeed comfortable on my path.  I do not expect, nor require your acceptance.  Your ability to judge and defame someone based only on their religious affiliation and not on the years of dedication to the cause speaks volumes about your character.

And with that, I'll share a few links for you on Atheism Science and Magic.

 Arthur C. Clarke: “Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.”

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